Market Prices

20 December 2013

  • Cu $7264/ tonne
  • Zn $2028/ tonne
  • Basis £523/100kg
  • Includes £7/100kg scrap surcharge

Exchange Rates

20 December 2013

  • £1.00 = U.S.$1.6353

Alloys Information

Comparison tool for Alloy Specifications by country


Alloy BS Designation European Equivalent Machining/Hot Forging Description Specification
300 ~ ~ ~ Architectural Applications PDF
342/C46400 CZ112 CW712R Both Naval Brass PDF
320 CZ114 CW721R Both High Tensile PDF
306 CZ114/115 CW722R Both High Tensile for Soldering PDF
470 CZ121 CW614N Machining High Speed Machining Rod Alloy PDF
473/C38500 CZ121 CW614N Both Standard Free Machining Brass PDF
460 CZ122 CW617N Machining Hot Stamping Alloy PDF
441/C36000 CZ124 CW603N Machining Semi Riveting Brass PDF
462 CZ128 CW612N Both Semi Riveting Brass, Semi Bending PDF
489 CZ129 CW611N ~ Reduced Lead Bending PDF
475 CZ130 CW624N Machining Improved Resistance to Tarnishing PDF
448/C35300 CZ131 CW606N Machining Riveting and Turning Brass PDF
422 CZ132 CW602N Both Dezincification Brass PDF